Monday, July 6, 2009

Disney World Musical Theming II: Queue Music and beyond

Space Mountain Queue Ambient Music

Amazingly long and loud version of this audio, which is hard to find even in parts.

Disneyland Main Street Theme Music

Shock, a Disneyland Cali thing, yes I do focus too heavily on WDW and I just stumbled upon this and love for the original overcame me.

Sunset BLVD/ Tower of Terror Area Audio Loop

I love this loop, it makes me feel like I am sitting outside of Tower of Terror when I am exhausted from running around DHS. It is haunting and beautiful.

Innovention's Area Loop

The loop for the arcade/world's fair area of Future World, not my favourite but it is nice to have on hand and it is very Epcot-esque in general.

Tomorrowland Area Music

The area themeing music for both Disneyland and WDW's Tomorrowland section. It is less discordant than the Star Tunnel Queue area music inside Space Mountain, and at times it has an odd new age slant. Hypnotic, like much of Disney's background music it seems.

Star Tours Queue

Awesome puns and jokes about Star Wars mostly, but lovely nontheless.

Hope you enjoyed this tiny exploration of Disney Parks through music.

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