Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walt Disney World Explored in Television

I am addicted to these shows, Travel Channel, Modern Marvels, anything about Disney parks. It is a shameful not-so-secret guilty pleasure of mine, in fact Disney is a keyword permanently in satellite's recent search field. I will watch these shows too often, usually just in the background while I mess around online or talk on the phone. In fact, sadly, I have seen most of these so many times that I can pick up on the slight changes that occur, like when they update the show to talk about newly opened rides.

Discovery Channel's Everest: The Experience

I love Disney, the incredible effort they put into things is why they are Disney. They talk about mostly unnoticed details, but they are right, they are taken in as a whole and that is why their themeing is the best.

Disney's Imagineers

I want so much to play in the Imagineer's simulators and mock up rooms!
This special is a bit older so it also has a look into ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, one of my favourite now defunct rides.

A look inside Disney Thrill Rides (which, for some reason, includes Toy Story Mania)

Modern Marvels: Walt Disney World

Now if that isn't an indepth look at Walt Disney World I don't know what is, oh wait I do, and that is why I have about twenty more videos to fill this page with...

The Making of Walt Disney World

Yes, there is inexplicably no part three

Behind the Scenes: Walt Disney World

I realise now that there are far too many Disney Park television specials for me to post at one time, next time? Disney and the Travel Channel,synergy at it's best??

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