Friday, May 15, 2009

The Disney World of My Youth

The Disney World that I grew up with was, for the sake of narrowing it down, WDW between 1986 and 1997. These years were (for the most part Eisner years,) a period of rapid growth in Walt Disney World, and in particular in the "Resort" part of WDW.

In other words, though of course the theme parks themselves gained many attractions and rides, Disney hotels sprung up faster. These hotels added to the profit and all encompassing and enveloping theme of Disney, many more visitors could now eat on property, sleep on property, shop on property ( Downtown Disney,) and use Disney transportation. This time, dubbed by some Disneyites as the Disney Renaissance, marked also the new reign of Disney Classic movies, after a period of slowed production and, some suggest, decreased quality (Sword in the Stone, Fox and the Hound, et al.) Eisner brought with him Jeffery Katzenburg, and he, with Roy Disney, Howard Ashmann and Alan Menken, along with the great team of Disney animators, brought us The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and many more movies. Eisner's reign was, in the end more profitable and helpful to the Disney company than harmful, and despite the fact that I could rant for days about the problems with Eisner's heavy handed, quasi-tyrannical ways, I thank him, (as well as all Disney cast members of the peroid,) for my childhood Disney World.

And with no more delays, on with the show:

Yes, that is ORAC talking, want slightly clearer/louder audio?

I hope you enjoyed that trip back in time, from TTA to the WEDway Peoplemover!

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