Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Disney World of Yore

I spoke earlier of my love of the Disney World of my childhood, I speak of it frequently, and I talk of missing many rides, some replaced with now long time favorites, others replaced with ill conceived toned down versions of themselves (i.e. Alien Encounters) and still others ripped out for a small amount of extra room for a new attraction (I am still not sure that 20,000 Leagues needed to be torn out for Winnie the Pooh, only to be filled in with a small Pooh play area)

Join me on another watch down memory lane:

This is a dark film so it might be hard to see, also there is no audio, but it is almost impossible to find footage of this attraction from Tomorrowland.

Journey into the Imagination with Dreamfinder, Epcot
It is sad, this attraction has been so deformed, and now the Pavilion is basically gone!

Cranium Command from the now closed Wonder of Life Pavilion, also in Epcot.
I love all the jokes in this, some of which are clearly geared towards adults, I feel this is missing in some of the new attractions.

This attraction was so terrifying and awesome, also, I feel like Tomorrowland had a real all encompassing theme during this time. I love the dark humor which, surprisingly I suppose, is in a lot of Disney rides. A crazy company using Earth for testing new technology that they will sell to them, then abandons the audience when things go wrong. And the very company motto has a Gordon Gecko-ness to it that is wonderful! If you can't do it with X-S, you shouldn't do it at all.

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